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    2 years

  • About the Programme

    Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology is Diploma level Radiography programme. It is the technique and process used to create images of the human body or parts and function thereof for clinical purposes (medical procedures seeking to reveal/diagnose or examine disease) or medical science including the study of normal anatomy and physiology. Although imaging of removed organs and tissues can be performed for medical reasons, such procedures are not usually referred to as medical imaging, but rather are a part of pathology.

    Course Fee

    Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year One Time Fee
    For National Students 24,000 45,000 85,000
    For International Students 500 900

    Eligibility Criteria

    For National Students 12th / Intermediate with Science Stream (Biology)
    For International Students The eligibility criterion for all programs for international applicants is minimum 50% in the qualifying examination and having studied the pre-requisite subjects for admission in to the desired program.
    Note- Pursuing Graduation in any subject can also take admission parallel in this course.

    Document Required for Admission

    1) Matric Marksheet & Admit Card 2) Inter marksheet & Admit card 3) Aadhar Card 4) 5 passport size photo

    Career path you can choose after the course

    • Radiology Assistant
    • Radiology Technologist/Radiographer
    • Radiology Nurse
    • Ultrasound Technician / Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    • MRI Technician
    • CT Tech / CAT Scan Technologist / CT Scan Technologist
    • X-Ray Technician
    • Medical Image Analysis Scientists
    • Highrer Studies
    • Consultant
    • Faculty
    • Supervisor
    • Hospital Outreach Coordinator
    • Educational Consultant/ Coordinator
    • Researcher


    Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

    1. General Anatomy
        l Various Anatomical Terms
        l Axis
        l Plane
    2. Bone
        l Composition & Function
        l Classifications
        l Various Terms & Markings on The Bones
    3. Muscle
        l Structure of Various Types of Muscle
        l Classifications
        l Isometric & lsotonic Muscle Contraction
    4. Nerve
        l Structure of Peripheral Nerve
        l Introduction of Brain & Spinal Cord
    5. Joints
        l Definition
        l Classification
        l Structure of Synovial Joints
    6. Blood
        l Composition & Function
        l Blood Groups
    7. Function of The Following Systems
        l Renal
        l Respiratory
        l Cardiovascular
        l Reproductive
    8. Anatomy of Skin
    9. Review of Anatomy, Physiology & Related Pathology
    10. Electrical System
        l Main Supply, components and Controls in X-ray Circuits, Generation of Electrical Energy, distribution and Uses Of Electrical Energy, High Tension Transformer,
        Rectification of High Tension, Control of Kilo Voltage, Filament Circuit and Tube Current Exposure Switches & Exposure Radiographic Application
        X-ray Tubes, Portable X-ray Equipment General Features of X-ray, Fixed and Rotating Anodes, Characteristics of X-ray/ Mammography Tubes and 
        Faults in X-ray Tubes l Image Intensifier/fluoro Scopic Eq- uipment, Radiation Protection and Radiation Hazards
        l Dental Radiographic Equipment Specialized Dental X-ray Equipment.
        l Care and Maintenance of X-ray Tube
        l Ionization Chamber, GM and Scintillation Counter, Measuring Radiation Dose, Absorption Co-efficient, Grid, Cones and Filters.
        l Inverse Square Law, Scattered Radiation Radio Activity, Curie, Half-Life Decay Factor, Doses, Film Badge, Pocket Ionization Chamber, Maximum Permissible 
        Dose - Patient Safety
    11. Computerized Radiograph
        l lnterventional Radiology (definition Names of Different Types of Procedures)
        l Digital Radiography & Computed Radiography (CTScan & MRl)
    12. Photography and Film Material
        l Image Produced By Radiation - Latentlmage Formation
        l Structure of X-ray Film - Sensitivity and Contrast of Film
        l Types of Films Including Laser Film - Storage of Exposed Films and Unexposed Films
    13. Screens and Cassettes
        l Construction of Intensifying Screen - Choice of Fluorescent Material
        l Care of Intensifying Screens
        l Types of Screen
        l Care of a Cassette
        l Mounting of Intensifying Screen in the Cassette
    13. Radiography 
    Upper limb
        l Fingers, Hand, Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Joint, Fore arm, EIbow Joint, Head of Radius and Ulna, Humerus, ShoulderJoint, Acromio, Clavicular Joint, Scapula,
        Sterno Clavicular, Lower Limb
        l Toes, Foot, Calcaneum, Intercondylar Notch, Ankle Joint, Tibia and Fibula, Patella, Knee Joint, Femur
    Hips and Pelvis
        l Theatre Procedure for Hip Pinning and Reduction, Pelvis, Sacro Illiac Joint, Pelvic Bone, Acetabulum
    Vertebral Column
        l Atlanto, Axial Joint, Oddontoid Peg, Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar spine, Lumbo Sacral spine, Sacrum, h.Coccyx, Scoliosis, Kyphosis
    Bones of the Thorax
        l Land Marks, Planes Cranium, Facila Bones, Maxilla Mandible, Zygo Metic Bone, Temparo Mandibular Joint Mastoids, Petrous bones,
        Optic Foraman, Sella Turcica Para Nasal Sinuses
        l AcuteAbdomen, Pregnancy, Pelvimetry, 
        l Dental Radiography
    Special Procedures and Related Contrast Media
        l Contrast Media
        l Emergencies in Radiology Department
        l Excretory System, IVP, RGU, MCUG
        l PercutaneousTranshepatic Cholagiography
        l G.I.Tract
        l Barium Swallow, Barium Mea, Barium Meal
    FollowThrough, Barium Enema, 
    Hystero Salpingo graphy, 
        l Angio Graphy Tomography, Venography, Mammography, Sialography, Sinography
    Practical Competencies
    1. Demonstration of Human Skeleton
        l Anatomical Position
        l Axis
        l Plane
        l Identification of Various Bones & Joints
        l Demonstration of Movement Possible at Various Joints
    2. Characteristic Features, Side Determination Applied Anatomy of
        l Upper Limb Bones
            a. Scapula b. Clavicle
            c. Humerus d. Radius
            e. Ulna
        l Lower Limb Bones
            a. Hip b. Femur
            c. Tibia d. Fibula
    3. Methods of BF Measurement
    4. Surface Markings of Important Structure of The Body
    5. Slide Preparation
    6. Microscope Operations
    7. Sample Collection
    8. Review of Anatomy, Physiology & Related Pathology
        l Surface Marking & Identification of Various Parts and Structures In Human Body
        l Identification of Bones and Parts on X-ray Film
    9. X-ray Equipment For Radiographers
        l X-ray Tubes and General Features and Mobile Equipment
        l Image lntensifier
        l Care and Maintenance of X-ray Equipment
        To Study Effects of Kv And Mas Demonstration of Radiation Safety Devices
        l To Survey X-ray Control For Radiation
        l X-ray lntensifying Screens
        l Demonstrate the Uses of Grid, Potter Bucky and Radio Graphic Contrast
        l Demonstrate Effects of Improper Centering of X-rayTube
        l Radiation Field Coincidence
    10. Basics of lmaging
    11. Radiographic Dark Room Techniques
    12. Radiographic Positioning
    13. Special Investigations
        l Radiography in various position for all the special radiological procedures, using contrast media as per syllabus
    1. Customer Orientation
    2. Interpersonal skills
    3. Communication skills (WrittenNerbal)
    4. Etiquettes & Manners
    5. Personality Development
    6. Basic Computer Knowledge


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